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Hanson Dreams

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
6:07 pm - O...kay....

Has anyone ever read this particular hanfic????

I mean...uh....wtf, mate?

Taylor and this chick both practice some weird Silver Ravenwolf-gone-horribly-wrong(moreso than it already is, that is) brand of witchcraft, they kill some people...wtf wtf wtf???

LOL I'm dying over here.

(x-posted to a bunch of hanson communities)

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
11:07 am - Lullabelle has a WHOLE new meaning to me now...

I had this dream a few months back and posted it elsewhere. Now I feel it is necessary to post here because this place is PERFECT for it. YAY.

Lullabelle go...Collapse )

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
9:37 pm - i just want one more chance, to put my arms in fragile hands

isaac and taylor dreamCollapse )
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Monday, March 14th, 2005
1:09 am - my dream.

My crazy dreamCollapse )
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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
8:02 am - My Hanson Dream!

Ok this is one that I had that involves all of them..
I was at a concert here in Portland Oregon at the Crystal Ballroom, and they started playing In The City...
The fans were going nuts and they were pushing me all over the place..I couldn't breathe (go figure at a Hanson concert right?) but anyways it got really bad and finally they had knocked me down to the ground, stepping on me, blah blah...well anyways all the sudden 2 sets of hands were trying to get me up off the floor, but they were having a hard time, they started telling people to move back and let them get me up. Finally they did, and the hands were pulling me up and onto the stage, I looked up and there was Tay and Zac asking me if I was ok, and then Ike came over and gave me a big hug and so did Tay and Zac, Zac took my hand and sat me down in back of him and told me to sit there where it was safe...So anyways yeah the show came to an end, they gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugs and then told me they hope that I come to another show sometime, then they had their security walk me out! so yeah....IN that dream..they were my hero's!! LOL as if they would really do that but heck it was a good dream :)

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
8:41 am - Dreaming of Hanson and Isaac

Wow what a dream...
it felt so real... here's the story
scenery the concert in Aliw theater.
place was packed... the guys are on the stage performing a song. I was at Taylors side. i told my friend thatwe should move to isaac's side so we did oddly the crowd in the front parted as we passed them. I looked up at Ike who was strumming his guitar. I smiled at him and he smiled back. which made me blush...
weee! hehehe! so the dream continued on with laughter and fun of the guys asking the crowd what they wanted them to play... so Taylor sang "Underneath and Zac sang "The walk" and then Isaac sang "Hand in hand","love song" and "Deeper"i noticed Ike looking at me through those times.
then i found myself eating gummi candies with my friends in the front row. odd thing in the dream was that the guys were sometimes talking in tagalog...? which made me laugh. so when the concert was nearly over Isaac reached out a some kind of wrapper of a hamburger gummi to me which i took from his whole hand feling the softness again... everyone in the crowd screamed and wanted the wrapper but i held on to it. which i saw Ike smiling at me again.. sadly i woke myself up from tha very meaningful dream...

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
10:33 am - HAHAHA

I had THE WEIRDEST hanson dream last night.

So okay, i was hanging out with some teeny bopper fansons. They stole some of zacs hair (from his head) and he wanted it back (wtf?!). Well, the girls didnt know that i knew him. So i rode with them and volunteered to take the hair back because he was REALLY pissed. So i go to take him the fake hair, and hes smiling at me and all cool with me. Its not his hair, so he gets pissed. Suddenly, the two of us and ike and tay are standing in a garage surrounded by screaming fans. We were all talking, then the dream switched. I was helping them escape from a school/tv store because so many girls were chasing them. I climbed up some appliances, leading them up to a balcony. Then we had to climb down this brick wall. I was too scared, and the wall was about to crumble. They made it down but the thing fell down with me in it. Thats all i remember on that part of the dream...

I'm weird.

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Friday, January 28th, 2005
5:13 pm

first off...a dreams community is hard core! and secondly i am lauren...this is my first post! lol (i know im backwards)

okay so the night before their show in dallas i had the weirdest dream that like iwas in nokia live center and i was running to the merch table (gotta have the hansony goodness) you dig? and i ran into nat..like...literally..but she felt bad because i dropped all my money..so she was like...do you want to come back stage? and i was like in awe and she goes..alright come on...so she took me back stage right....and then.... i woke up!

i have hanson dreams all the time...expect posts a plenty

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Monday, November 29th, 2004
8:51 pm

i had the most saddening dream the other night. my mom and i were at this radio station place, i dont even remember why. all i could think of during my time in the station was "holy fuggin jeez taylor hanson is in the next room." so i opened the door and surely enough there he was ... in front of the mirror ... doing, his hair .... AND LOOKING MIGHTY FINE MIGHT I ADD. then my mom was all, REEEEFEREF CLOSE THE DOOR HES FAMOUS HE DOESNT WANT YOU IN THERE. so i closed it. the door. i was dressed pretty nice myself, best looking ive ever been in a dream ive had. anyway after 20 minutes or so of waiting in this lobby for GOD knows what, i opened the door and walked in with a little pen and pad (the pen and pad id been writing ramblings in last night. lol JONATHAN THE BUNNY...had NOOOO name....) and im like "ermehasermnfasd hi" and he was so bitchy!

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Friday, November 26th, 2004
11:26 am

I just stumbled accross this page this morning and i find it funny because i just had a hanson dream last night :)

basically i was at an oldschool school dance(oldschool=im a little ways outta highschool). the dj was my old english teacher and inbetween songs she called me over saying "i have someone for you to meet". Sure enought there are the 3 boys standing in front of me. I dont remember what the conversation was about but i remember after every question i asked Taylor gave me a dirty look or a snippy answer...he acted like a brat, Ike just smiled at me and Zac gave me googly eyes while answering my questions in a sexy voice...

yes it was strange ill admit it...lol

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Monday, October 25th, 2004
1:48 pm - all the girls at the party...look at that body..shakin that thang like you never did see

hey..i don't know if i've ever introduced myself to this community or not..but my name is cindi...and i have all sorts of dreams about hanson!!  lol  here's a strange one for ya:

the president molests taylor..well not reallyCollapse )

i've got others..but i'll save them for another time.  :o) 

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
7:48 pm - a newbie

hellooooo everyone..I'm Cat and new here. I never used to have Hanson dreams (duno why i was surrounded by them so much lol) but I have been a lot lately so uh here we go

let's see oh yes I had one where..I was working in my card store and for some odd reason that day Hanson was doing a free concert there so we were all dancin around and my manager (a non fanson) was like "hey uh....could u hook me up with Ike?" i thought that was hella weird so after they were done...i went back to talk to them and they all had womens legs and shoes on but the rest of them were normal..i found it so odd

And then there was the dream i had where i met them and they were dancing to Macho Man and Ike was walking around with some pregnant girl

And of course my personal fave...The one where Ike was my boyfriend. Strange I kno..notice Ike is key in like all my dreams? Ah well so theres all i can remember now
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Saturday, August 28th, 2004
12:13 pm

i had the strangest dream about Zac making a porn of himself, then selling it to children *rae* i think he was explaining the birds and the bees in it, complete with his naked ness and a porno mag "because i cant have a real girl in here with me starkers" ...

O_O where can i get this video? *snickers*
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Friday, August 27th, 2004
5:45 pm

okay my sister okailey and my friend arrick and i were watching a movie in the theatres. the screen was like 600x600 it was rediculous lol. anywaaay, guess who were the stars of the movie! no not the olsen twins. HANSON! it was when they were younger though. anyway the plot was, they were orphaned when their dad died and then their mom abandoned them like 3 years later. so theyre travelling trough like woods and mountains to get to her house. it was like homeward bound (i think the name of it was 'homeward stay' lol) with all the woods and shit. so they get to her house, well it was more of a homely little cottage lol and theyve all gone crazy. ike and tay are all twitchy, and zac is just sitting and staring at his mom. the mom was uhhh, miranda richardson, the evil bitch lady in "sleepy hallow" lol (thats what i get for watching it 3 times in 2 days. OO) it was very sad. but i had to pee and left and when i came back it was over? so i fell asleep in the theatre and when i woke up it was showing again! everyone was gone, okailey and arrick included, but i didnt care lol HANSON! *i put too much sugar in my oatmeal this morning.*

hee. yes.

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3:49 am - New layout and stuff!

Credit to these people for our layout and other wonderful stuff for the community:
Main Community Icon and Header: _eviction
Layout and Colors of Layout: twigsandgrace

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
11:28 pm

strange dream ...

i was somehow related to natalie. her great grandmother on her moms side was my grandmother on my dads side... it was weird
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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
11:17 pm - Newbie :)

Heyas :)

I've been hanging in this community for a while, but never posted. So seeing as I'm bored as hell I went back through a few LJ posts and found some Hanson dreams I'd typed up. Enjoy!

4th AugustCollapse )

7th JulyCollapse )

4th JulyCollapse )

4th JuneCollapse )

4th MayCollapse )

9th AprilCollapse )

L8rs :)

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
11:51 pm - yay for dreams

2 of them

one this morning:
i'm looking at a newspaper that had a review/article on hanson in it, and i put it on a table and told tay 'hey tay its on the table' and he nodded and ran off somewhere [this venue we were at looked like the driveway to my old house *rae*]and i was also yelling at some kid named Ben who had curly hair [kinda Shia ... something or rather from 'Holes']

one from yesterday morning:

i was at a mall carrying a laundry basket filled with glow sticks/bracelets/necklaces [and weird stick things with footballs on the end] and the whole mall was shut down so the hanson tour group could go shopping in peace [yet theres a whole big crowd outside waiting] zac jumps on a big silver plane, tosses a few wires, then runs inside the mall. i walk around to the other side of the mall and there is Bogarts [the venue they were at here in Cincinnati] theres no line so i go on in [laundry basket and all] and go to a off-the-side-but-still-behind-the-stage thing to place the basket. i have a vision of sorts about the movie 'The Crow' [a bit gruesome too ... i saw brains] and then i go out to where the crowd is starting to form. i get in front next to a barrier and the 'owner' was giving us rules: if you're caught squishing, then you'll get kicked out. i decided to count my money in my pocket and i lost count after 80 bucks, because someone kept interuppting me. so then i decided i wanted to sit down so i went to the back where there was two levels of tables. [top level was the level with the merch tables and then a level about halfway down the stairs then the floor level] and i go and sit with my sister for a bit, writing a review on the crowd and stuff. i go and talk to my dad and other sister who are sitting on the top level and notice that my dad has a large duffle bag with him filled with sammich fixings and is making sammiches for a dollar a sammich. [he said sammich in it.. i know its a sandwhich :p] so i get a sammich and go back to my table to watch the first opening act, Shakira. for some reason, her artist [who designs her posters and such] couldnt sing the song for her so they had jess and avie singing *for* her. and so we see them walking down to the backstage area [after buying a sammich from my dad] and so i continue writing [i noticed it was a dark, emerald green ink... yay] and then watched as they set it up for the second group, some punk rock group that was based on green day. [they did covers lol]. Hanson never got around to preforming because i woke up after that.


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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
12:03 am

I've been a fan for a long time, but I just had my first dream with them in it last night.

They were gonig to be playing someplace local and I was on the stage setup crew and it was just as normal as anything, I was on the phone at one point yelling at their bus driver because they were going to be alittle late.

Is it sad that I sooo happy when I woke up and remembered and realized I'd had my first Hansonized dream? hehe.
Here's hoping there's more to come. 8-p
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Saturday, July 31st, 2004
2:57 pm

strangest hanson dream yet..

the boys got bored and robbed a conveinence store, and Zac was highly amused and got all the copies of playboy, hustler, penthouse etc, looking for pictures of Kate, stumbles upon one of Natalie and Taylor, and goes "duuuude, i didnt know you were that well hung!"
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